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Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM

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Holy Days, 9:00 AM and 7:00 PM

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Sacrament of Matrimony

Congratulations on your decision to be married. This is a very important decision in your life, and the wedding ceremony will be an equally important event. The parish community of Saint John the Baptist wishes to support you during this time of joy.
Matrimony is a sacrament, which means that your visible love and faithfulness to each other becomes a witness and an effective sign of God's love and care for all people. Your marriage is a sacramental sign not just to each other, to family and friends, or to the church, but also to the entire world.
Your wedding liturgy is the central part of your celebration. We hope that the planning of your wedding is an experience that draws the two of you together more deeply into the mystery of God's love. That your own faith in God and in each other will be reflected in the readings, responsorial and prayers that you select.
The Wedding Ministry Director will meet with you and help you understand the process here at Saint John the Baptist Parish. She will guide you through the necessary paperwork, church fees, and the marriage preparation programs. It is strongly advised to begin Marriage Preparation not less than six months prior to the desired Wedding Date. This is even more critical in the case of either party having a prior marriage.

Marriage Preparation
The preparation period affords the time necessary to prepare the documents that are required, to allow the priest or deacon time to become acquainted with you, so that he might enter more fully into the celebration and provides adequate time for you to participate in a marriage preparation program.
When your wedding date is approved for the Parish Calendar, then you will be assigned a wedding coordinator. The wedding coordinator will help you plan your wedding. They will meet with you and help you with planning your wedding ceremony and coordinating for the use of the parish facilities.

The Church
It is strongly advised to have the wedding date scheduled not less than six months prior to the desired date. This is even more critical in the case of either party having a prior marriage. We are not able to reserve a date for your wedding until we have met with you and your wedding date is approved.

Officiating Priest or Deacon
When your wedding date is approved for the Parish Calendar a priest or deacon will be designated for your wedding. You may request one of our priests or deacons to officiate at your wedding, but it will be dependent on whether it fits their personal schedule.
You may request to have a visiting ordained Roman Catholic priest or deacon to preside at your wedding with the approval of the Pastor of Saint John the Baptist Parish. Note that the presiding priest or deacon is expected to work directly with the couple on the completion and submission of all necessary documentation and provide all pre-marital instructions.

Marriage Preparation Programs
Individual, confidential preparation sessions will be scheduled for the completion of all necessary documentation and for the requisite instructions on marriage. If one of the couple is non-Catholic, supplemental instruction on the Catholic faith and responsibilities of the Catholic party will be provided. Marriage instruction will be offered at the parish and through the Marriage and Family Life office of the Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake City, as couples participate in the Engaged Encounter Weekend and Natural Family Planning Classes.
It is helpful to have Church Documentation completed as soon as possible and submit the paperwork to the priest or deacon who is responsible for the marriage preparation.

Church Fee
The Church Fee for use of Saint John the Baptist Church for a wedding ceremony is $500. When one or both of the parties are Saint John the Baptist parishioners, the Church Fee is $250. In instances when both parties are from the outside the Saint John the Baptist community, the church Fee is $500. The fee goes into the Building and Maintenance Fund for the Church. The Fee is for the use of the facility, please note it does not include any remittance for Pianist, or Cantor. There is a seperate fee which covers music for the wedding ceremony.
You may wish to give a donation to the priest or deacon officiating at your wedding to acknowledge their gift of time. Please make this a separate payment and clearly indicate on it that it is a personal gift.

The Best Man and Maid/Matron of Honor are the witnesses of the marriage, attesting to the civil legality of the ceremony, and along with the Bride and Groom, act as leaders of the assembly. As such, they should be encouraged to participate as fully as possible in the liturgy. It is preferred that either the Best Man or Maid/Matron of Honor be a practicing Catholic. At least one of the two must be 21 years of age.

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